Celebrating Shwmae at the Welsh Assembly

Y Cynulliad yn dathlu diwrnod ShwmaeSu’mae gydag wythnos o weithgareddau a fideo arbennig

2015 Cynulliad

Dyma’r fideo




NatWest Cymru will be supporting ‘Diwrnod Shwmae Su’mae’ this Thursday, October 15th in every one of its branches throughout Wales. The company, which has received accreditation from LlesCyf on its Welsh language services, is proud of the opportunity to show its commitment to the language.

Nat West Cymru Director, Mark Douglas said:
“We see ourselves as a community bank with a strong element of Welshness in our ethos and with the Welsh language central to that ethos and we are delighted to have the opportunity to co-operate with ‘Diwrnod Shwmae Su’mae by extending a warm Welsh welcome to a wider audience”.
Mark explained how the company’s relationship with Lles had helped it to develop its Welsh language services.
“Lles accreditation has offered opportunities to us that weren’t available in the past and has expanded our horizons concerning how we would like to operate in the future, with the Welsh language a core principle to the bank’s identity in Wales. From visits to the Eisteddfod, holding Welsh classes in Nant Gwrtheyrn and now promoting Diwrnod Shwmae Su’mae, Lles’ expertise has been crucial to our linguistic development.”


Director of Lles, Evan Powell sees NatWest Cymru’s positive attitude towards Welsh as a turning point in the language’s relationship with the business world.
“For too long now Welsh groups have viewed the business world as a field which is generally not supportive to language development because of cost factors. Now Lles are assisting companies to adopt a far more positive attitude towards the language and see it as a commercial opportunity which compliments the good work that they already do.
NatWest Cymru have led the way here by deciding that Welsh will play an integral role in their identity and brand in Wales, which enables them to work together with Welsh language groups in the community as well as on the national stage. Lles are very proud to be supporting NatWest Cymru on its linguistic journey.”

NatWest Cymru’s support is a big boost to ‘Diwrnod Shwmae Su’mae’ according to Gaynor Jones who helps to co-ordinate the event.
“Diwrnod Shwmae Su’mae is growing every year and continues to go from strength to strength and NatWest Cymru’s participation shows that we are developing in terms of support and that the event is appealing to a new market. We appreciate the co-operation and vision of Lles and NatWest Cymru to ensure this substantial support.”
‘Diwrnod Shwmae Su’mae’ will be held nationally on Thursday 15th October. For more information on the events happening in your area contact Gaynor Jones via and on how to develop or promote your Welsh language business services contact Lles via


The Scarlets, Nat West and a Thunderclap


Once again Shwmae Sumae day has come around remember to register for the Thunderclap before October 15th to create a tsunami of Shwmaes on Twitter



Phrase cards for the Pub, Shops, Cafe and Office

2015 Geirfa MIC

Mentrau Iaith Cymru (an organisation that supports the work of the 23 mentrau iaith across Wales) has created a series of phrase cards to be distributed to business’ in every corner of Wales, be it shops, pubs, cafes and offices in an attempt to encourage more people to use Welsh.

The phrase cards have been created to celebrate Shwmae Su’mae Day held on the 15th of October this year – a day that encourages everyone in Wales to live, learn and enjoy Welsh.

The cards are available here >> MIC


The Scarlets and Welsh Whisperer shout out Shwmae Sumae 2015!

Logo Scarlets
Thursday, October 15 will be the third time Wales will be celebrating Shwmae Sumae Day and once again a huge variety of activities are being held across the country to encourage everyone to greet each other in Welsh on that day and give Welsh a go.

The aim of the campaign is:
– to make Welsh more prominent and public,
– show that the language belongs to everyone in Wales, regardless of their proficiency
– and consequently encourage the use of Welsh every day and all year round.

The campaign has been very lucky to be supported by a variety of people and organizations. This year our champions are the Welsh singer and entertainer the Welsh Whisperer, Gareth Wyn Jones, farmer and broadcaster from Llanfairfechan, Canolfan Soar who have revitalised the economy and the Welsh language in Merthyr Tydfil and Angharad Williams who run a ladies’ fashion business in Lampeter and Machynlleth.

Gareth Wyn Jones said:Gareth WJ
“I’m really pleased to be part of the Sumae campaign which encourages everybody to use as much Welsh as the have. Don’t be shy give it a go! I do my best to use the language on social network and on the media. As a farmer the Welsh language is an essential part of the fabric of rural communities and the agricultural industry. It’s important to use it every day. If we don’t, who will?”

The Welsh Whisperer, Môn FM Disc jockey and a man who’s entertained the masses in pubs, halls and cowsheds across Wales, said:

Welsh Whisp“I am delighted to be part of a campaign to promote the language and open doors to Welsh learners and encourage others to learn our language. It’s great to be part of the same campaign with Wales’ most famous farmer (no, not Dai Llanilar, but) Gareth Wyn Jones from Llanfairfechan! Both of us have felt the mountain dew, wear a flat cap, and are passionate about the language, our communities and Welsh beer of course. ”

Business woman, Angharad Williams said:
“ I’m really proud to support the message of Shwmae Sumae Day and start every conversation in Welsh. Using Welsh in a local business like Lan Llofft & Duet is essential in an area like Lampeter and we want to extend a Welsh welcome to all our customers whatever their grasp of the language is. Using the Welsh language to promote the business on our social media outlets was common sense, and as a result we have received even more support as our customers value our commitment to the language and want to support a local Welsh business. “


Scarlets RFC will also be supporting Shwmae Sumae 2015 by holding an evening of entertainment on the following Friday, October 16 before the Leinster game. With the co-operation of Menter Gwendraeth Elli and others and Y Lle – Llanelli’s new Welsh language centre an array of entertainment will be put on for the whole of the family from 5 – 7pm before kick off. So make sure you pop over.

The Pembrokeshire Shwmae crew have organized the second Shwmae Awards awards ceremony after the resounding success of last year’s event.

Dathlu’r Gymraeg have seen communities and organisations across Wales take ownership of the day themselves. Its success lies in the enthusiasm of dynamic individuals such as the pupils of Bishop Mcgrath School, Bridgend who take it upon themselves to organise the day’s activities. Shwmae Sumae does not recieve any public funding or sponsorship and has grown from the grass-roots rather than the top down and long may it last!

Gwybodaeth/ Info: Gaynor Jones 07775 847710 /


Shwmae Sumae 2015

ShwmaeShwmae and Sumae! It’s September again and we are gearing up for Shwmae Sumae 2015. By the way we are in the national psyche – the Lolfa Diary 2016. Hooray!

Shwmae Sumae 2014 was a great success, with celebrations taking place across Wales and beyond – in Pwllheli, Newport, Merthyr, Lampeter, Vienna, Patagonia, Bangor, Amlwch, Derby, Flintshire and Pembrokeshire. Everyone is working hard to raise the profile of the language, but most importantly to use and promote and encourage others to do so throughout the year.

Shwmae Sumae Day now has a momentum of its own and is spreading throughout the country via a variety of activities organised by schools, individuals and societies, just like a Mexican wave at the World Cup. It is very difficult to keep a track on all that happened, but by keeping an eye on the feedback on our  2014 Facebook page and Twitter  I’m sure that there were over 500 events held in 2014. So lets hope that there will be even more this year.

As you know the success and continuity of Shwmae Sumae day lies in your hands, so please let us know about your event by contacting our Facebook 2015 page and following us on Twitter @ShwmaeSumae There are a number of tips and ideas on our facebook page and a list of last year’s event which may inspire you on our website

Please contact me if you want to discuss anything and remember – Give it a go!

Hwyl fawr


gaynorjones@dathlu. org



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