Swci Delic’s striking art gets Diwrnod Shwmae Su’mae noticed

Shwmae Su’mae day on Saturday 15 October will not go unnoticed as a psychedelic piece of art has been created to mark the occasion. Artist and Shwmae Su’mae champion, Swci Delic, set about creating a special piece that is certain to grab attention using her trademark mix of vibrant colours and patterns.

Swci’s eye catching artwork will be a key feature of this year’s Shwmae Su’mae campaign. A limited number of postcards featuring the special design will be available at numerous events across the country on 15 October. It will also be shared widely on social media.

Swci said:

“I was thrilled to be invited to cSwci Delichampion Shwmae Su’mae Day.  I decided I would show my support and help spread the word by doing what I love to do – paint. I wanted to create a memorable reminder that would make people smile.

“The Welsh language is so important to me. Being a part of this campaign is exciting as it is about celebrating, together. It doesn’t matter if you are fluent, a learner or don’t speak Welsh at all – anyone can try a Shwmae or Su’mae. Greeting each other in Welsh is a small gesture, but, if we all do it every day, everywhere we go it has the potential to have a huge impact.

“My husband Alex is taking on the challenge of learning Welsh and finds that listening to Radio Cymru and watching Welsh programmes really helps. Practising with other people can still be quite daunting and I’m sure being greeted in Welsh whilst out and about would make such a difference in building confidence.”

Before she started painting Swci Delic (real name Mared Lenny) was a successful singer. During a three year career as award-winning Welsh language singer Swci Boscawen, she released three singles and an album. The music came to a sudden end when she collapsed with a brain tumour. After intense treatment, Swci developed an inexplicable urge to start – and never stop – painting.

Bold, large and colour-clashing, her crazy canvases give a vivid glimpse into the chaotic condition of a brain fighting cancer. Having never painted before, she is a firm believer in giving it a go. Her enthusiasm and positivity are bound to inspire.

She says:

“Give it a go! Get your friends together on Shwmae Su’mae day to do something you enjoy.  You never know where one Shwmae could lead”.

The names of the remaining champions will be revealed soon.